Sri Lanka Bombings 1 of the Most Deadly Terror Strikes Since 9/11

Sri Lanka Bombings 1 of the Most Deadly Terror Strikes Since 9/11

FLASH: The brutal Easter Sunday church bombing attack that has more than 1000 missing, injured and dead in Sri Lanka is now 1 of the most deadly terrorist strikes since 9/ll.

The bomb attacks on churches and hotels is puzzling in that it seemed to reflect what has been said of terrorism; lots of people dead and lots of people watching.

9/11 was the most watched event in human history, arguably. And a lot of people died, and we have not seen the likes of it since 9/11.

“This is probably one of the most lethal terrorist operations since 9/11 with 207 dead and the number will rise with 560 injured or wounded,” an analyst said on TV Sunday.

“But… no demand.

He said there could be a claim of responsibility from ISIS, and that he expects the terrorist organization to say “something about this in the next 24 hours or so,”

Stay tuned…

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