A ‘Spy’s’ Look at Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) New 488 Sports Specale

A ‘Spy’s’ Look at Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) New 488 Sports Specale

A ‘Spy’s’ Look at Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) New 488 Sports Speciale


  • “New V8 Sport Speciale Series.”

Recently, Ferrari convened a gathering of dealers and special customers, and showed them some of the specs on that special, monstrous version of the Ferrari 488 that has been rumored for nearly a year.

Someone in the audience snapped pics, and those pics leaked, this Supercar is not a rumor, it is real car.

Not just a car, but the most powerful Ferrari V8 the company has ever made.

Ferrari uses the 488 GTB as the base for its Ferrari Challenge racing series; now the Italian carmaker’s returned the Challenge motorsport lessons to the production car.

1st, the new Ferrari almost certainly will not be called 488 GTO.

Ferrari owners in the Ferrari Chat forum have been wheedling their dealers for information, and several contributors to an 80-pg thread attested that even the dealers don’t know the name of the coupe yet.

The presentation refers to it as “New V8 Sport Special Series” that can produce a “unique track-like sound, as if Ferraris have not been doing that since the 1960’s.

The coming coupe gets more carbon fiber than ever seen in a Ferrari production car, the wheels, dressed in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber, are 40% lighter than stock alloys. The cabin floor is made of aluminum, with added lightness courtesy of less sound deadening and, thinner fixtures like side windows, and the omission of non-essential parts like the glove compartment.

The Ferrari Chat discussion says the vehicle will not have an active air brake, but the options sheet might offer a lithium battery and titanium exhaust.

Expect that the Marnello outfit’s dealers have forwarded a set of names to Ferrari for purchase consideration, and the factory marketing department will decide which applicants will see this Prancing Stallion.

We will get our first look at it at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 118.49 23 January 2018 -2.88 120.53 120.53 118.41 377,368
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Bullish (0.33) Bullish (0.34) Bullish (0.40) Bullish (0.26)


Stay tuned…

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