Spygate: Top Hussein Obama Officials Knew About FBI’s Trump Campaign Spy

Spygate: Top Hussein Obama Officials Knew About FBI’s Trump Campaign Spy

Spygate: Top Hussein Obama Officials Knew About FBI’s Trump Campaign Spy

Former US President Barack Hussein Obama was aware of the FBI mole embedded in Donald J. Trump’s Presidential Campaign, because both the CIA director and DNI knew about it and they briefed Mr. Hussein Obama daily.

The mole, one long time CIA/FBI asset Stefan Halper, reportedly met with Trump Campaign officials during the 2016 Presidential race and Mr. Hussein Obama’s Top intelligence officials, CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence (DNI) General James Clapper were aware of Professor Halper’s intel, according to Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s attorney.

“Brennan and Clapper knew about it,” Mr. Giuliani said in a radio interview,

Mr. Giuliani added if those Top administration intelligence officials knew, that is not the type of information that would be withheld from the daily Presidential briefings, according to people close to the Hussein Obama administration.

“Brennan briefed President Obama everyday,” Mr. Giuliani said. “Obama, well to the extent that he got briefed everyday, you would have to have brought this up, wouldn’t you?

“Gosh, I can’t see how you would escape it.”

President Trump is advancing the Spygate narrative of a surveillance and spying mission against his campaign that was politically motivated to keep the ruling party in the White House.

Both General Clapper and Mr. Brennan maintain the FBI’s informant/spy/mole was solely intended to track Russia’s campaign meddling objectives.

Mr. Giuliani’s assertion suggests that The Hussein Obama Administration was complicit in some unethical political maneuvers in what was a tightly contested and well-funded 2016 Presidential election.

The Justice Department held a classified briefing with lawmakers last week, including with the Gang of Eight leadership of both major parties.

After the briefing, both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R-KY), and House Intelligence Ranking Member Adam Schiff, (D-CA), said that they were unmoved in their positions on the special counsel investigation into 2016 Presidential election and the ensuing Inspector General’s investigation into the FBI’s surveillance abuses under the disgraced, sacked former Director, James Comey, not surprised owing to their left over elite status in the Congress.

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