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Sports Betting: Retail US Gambling Ahead Super Bowl LVI


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Lots of eyes will watch the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 56. And this yr, about 45-M more Americans will be able to legally bet on the game compared to 2021“– Paul Ebeling

Bettors include people making casual wagers with friends or relatives, entries into office pools, wagers with licensed sportsbooks, and bets placed with illegal bookmakers.

The American Gaming Association estimates that $7.6-B will be wagered on this yr’s game, that’s a 78% jump over Y 2021. Now legal bets, as you might guess, is a really different story yet still expected to see a huge jump. PlayUSA estimates that legal US wagers could Top a billion dollars in online and retail bets this yr.

Now, there are 22 states plus Washington DC that have legalized the mobile sports betting opposed to the 33 states and DC where sports betting is legal in brick and mortar locations.

And no wagering, even on mobile devices, can take place across state lines.

Offshore: Today the market is worth around $40-B globally each yr. Many countries restrict or ban online gambling. But, is legal in 20 states of the United States, some provinces in Canada, most countries of the EU and several nations in the Caribbean. However, Asia is the biggest gambling market in the globe, and home to many countries with a high-volume of gaming.

Example Thailand: It is 1 of the stricter regions in Asia despite the fact that locals love to bet. They enjoy all sorts of gambling and frequently travel to casinos in Cambodia, Burma, and Laos.

Horse racing and the national lottery are the only 2 forms of legalized gambling allowable right in the country. The races are in Bangkok, and the lottery is nationwide, and both are popular and highly wagered.

Online gambling, although technically not allowed, but is difficult to enforce and Thai citizens do participate in all kinds of online gambling, especially sports and poker. Some Philippine and UK-based sportsbooks do cater to the Thai punters although they have the issue of account funding to overcome, as it’s not easy to transfer money from Thailand to a betting account.

Because of the funding issue and the great enthusiasm for staking bets outside of horse racing, many Thai locals use the services of a local bookmaker. And online action is ignored.

No longer is gambling limited to who’s going to win the game, now betting is on every play as many gamblers can now chase action on line with apps. As, there is an ongoing wave of sports betting advertising, and lotss incentives to get people to bet.

Have a Super weekend, Keep the Faith!

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