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SPACs Search for Asian ‘Unicorns’


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The Hot fundraising ticket on Wall Street this year will soon take hold in Asia, as SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies), hunt for fast-growing tech firms that are ready to go public.

SPACs are exchange-listed shell companies that raise money through initial IPOs (public offerings) and merge with firms by offering shorter listing timeframes.

They have raised more than $70-B (record amount) in the US this yr, making them 1 of the hottest Wall Street investment trends of Y 2020.

A large number of IPO-ready tech Unicorns in Asia are likely to rev up the action.

SPACs are being discussed with investments banker is Southeast Asia because of the number of high-growth tech, healthcare and fintech focused companies.

In Asia the IPO market is much bigger, so we expect to see SPACs coming out in Y 2021. Stay tuned…

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