Soon, Robert Mueller, Another “Swamp Denizen” Could Hear “Your Fired”

Soon, Robert Mueller, Another “Swamp Denizen” Could Hear “Your Fired”

Soon, Robert Mueller, Another “Swamp Denizen” Could Hear “Your Fired”

US President Donald Trump has not, will not rule out the possibility of sacking Comey poisoned Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was appointed to investigate Russia’s meddling in the 2016 US elections and possible ties to The Trump Campaign, one of the President’s lawyers told the national media Sunday.

Attorney Jay Sekulow said it is possible that President Trump and his advisers will discuss that scenario if there was a basis on which to make such a decision, saying “the President has authority to take action, whether he would do it is ultimately a decision the President makes.”

However, Mr. Sekulow emphasized he thought it “completely conjecture and speculative, and I cannot imagine that the issue would arise.”

President Trump’s attorney stressed throughout the interview that fired FBI Director “James Comey’s credibility has been brought into question on multiple occasions,” but side stepped a Question about whether President Trump would release tapes of his conversation with the sacked former FBI Director Comey, or if they exist.

During the interview, Attorney Sekulow focused attention on the fact that Mr. Comey gave his notes of the conversation with the President to a friend so they would be published in the media, saying “the leak from James Comey… was an unprecedented move” for an FBI Director to disclose in this way a conversation he had with the President.

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