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Soneva Jani, the World’s Most Exclusive Hotel


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Inspired by a word that means wisdom in Sanskrit, Soneva Jani is located on Medhufaru island, which is part of an uninhabited 5-island cluster in the Noonu Atoll.

The Maldives’ most exclusive hotel, and perhaps the best hotel in the world, is fringed by pristine beaches, blanketed with lush tropical greenery, and surrounded by a 5.6 km (3,4 mi) lagoon of crystal clear waters with uninterrupted 360° views of the Indian Ocean.

Soneva Jani features 24 water villas and 1 beach villa, although additional beach villas are planned at a later.

Each one of the 24 water villas is superbly designed and has a private pool and opens to its own stretch of lagoon, with some villas featuring slides going directly from the top deck into the lagoon below.

The highlight of the villas is the retractable roof in the master bedroom, which slides back at the touch of a button so that guests can lie in bed and stargaze.

  • Hotel website: Soneva Jani
  • Top 10 accolades: Soneva Jani features travel writers Top 10 lists of the most insanely beautiful resorts in the Maldives, the most fabulous overwater villas in the Maldives, and the most astonishing beach retreats in Asia.

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