Some Secrets of ‘Very Happy’ People

Some Secrets of ‘Very Happy’ People

We all agree that being happy is a desirable goal, but its not always simple to achieve.

“The emotion we call happiness is more of a bottom-up or inside-out experience than Top-down or Outside-in,” Heidi Hanna, PhD., executive director of the American Institute of Stress.

“We need to connect with the basic things that really matter to us in a way that encourages the neurochemistry of positive emotion. When we strive for Top-down happiness or outside-in happiness, we set ourselves up for a letdown. That dopamine high we get when we purchase a new car or get a promotion quickly drops when we’re in the hustle again.

“True happiness comes when we align ourselves with the things that bring us joy, which typically involves experiences with other people or time spent by ourselves in nature,” Dr. Hanna says

We often believe that when we finally achieve that external goal, we will magically become happy. But according to a study from Northwestern University the happiness levels of big-time lottery winners and those of regular people were about the same. The authors explained that once the winners adjusted to their new level of income, the novelty and temporary euphoria wore off.

The Big Q: What are The Secrets of happy people?

The Big A: We do not know them all but here are some traits they share, as follows:

1. They take care of themselves. Dr. Judy Kuriansky, a noted psychologist and author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to A Healthy Relationship,” says that “research shows that that if you give to yourself, you have more energy and aptitude to give to others.” This includes slowing down to appreciate life’s little pleasures, exercising, eating Real food and getting enough sleep.

2. They practice being happy. No one wakes up being happy and supremely happy people are no exception. “Teach yourself to be happy,” says Dr. Kuriansky. “It takes effort to evaluate your emotions and make decisions with happiness in mind.”

3. They surround themselves with the right people. According to a Forbes article, incredibly happy people surround themselves with the like-minded. “Surrounding yourself with happy people builds confidence, stimulates creativity and it’s flat-out fun,” notes author Travis Bradberry.

4. They spend money on other people. Research shows that happy people enjoy treating others even if it’s buying a special card or book that will please them. It does not have to be a grandiose effort to make a difference. Watch what happens when you buy your friend a cup of coffee.

5. They stay positive. We all know that bad things happen to everyone. Happy people do not spend time complaining about what happened to them but try to find a solution and move on. “Pessimism fuels unhappiness.”

6. They have faith. Faith is a fundamental cornerstone of happiness. Religious, spiritual and positive psychology practices have been scientifically proven to create a greater sense of well-being according to livehappy. Dr. Kuriansky adds that whether or not you are religious, a strong belief system is important to build happiness. “Have faith in yourself,” she says.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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