Limited (NASDAQ:SOHU) Upgrades to its AI-Driven Multilingual Mobile Keyboard Limited (NASDAQ:SOHU) Upgrades to its AI-Driven Multilingual Mobile Keyboard Limited (NASDAQ:SOHU) Upgrades to its AI-Driven Multilingual Mobile Keyboard

Sogou Inc. (NYSE: SOGO) (“Sogou” or “the Company”), an innovator in search and a leader in China’s internet industry, released its Sogou Mobile Keyboard 10.8, the latest version of the Sogou Mobile Keyboard. Powered by Sogou’s leading AI technologies, the latest upgrade features new multilingual voice-based transcription and translation services, supports language input in four more languages, and offers improved accuracy rates for voice inputs.

As the most popular Chinese-language mobile input app by number of monthly active users, the Sogou Mobile Keyboard makes communication easier and more efficient for millions of individuals. By enhancing the user experience and enabling people to communicate smoothly across multiple languages, the Sogou Mobile Keyboard continues to break down language barriers.

Multilingual Translation and Transcription

The Sogou Mobile Keyboard 10.8 now supports voice-based translation between Chinese and seven foreign languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Japanese, and Korean. It also provides voice transcription services for nine foreign languages and ten Chinese dialects with an 85% accuracy rate.   

Shayne Heffernan Trade Idea

“We currently have a price target of $14.12 which would give the stock a 91.07% increase.”

Why This Matters Ltd is expected to show an increase in its first quarter earnings to $-0.72 per share. Wall Street expects results to range from a loss of -76 cents to a loss of -65 cents per share.


* The consensus recommendation for the company is “Hold”. This includes one “Strong Buy”, three “Hold”, one “Sell”.

* The average consensus recommendation for the entertainment production peer group is also “Hold”.


* In the last 2 weeks there have been no earnings estimate revisions by analysts covering the company. There was a gain of one new estimates.

* In the last four weeks the earnings per share estimate has risen by 2.08 percent from -70 cents. Estimates ranged from a high of -65.00 cents to a low of -76 cents. There has been a gain of one new estimates.

* The StarMine predicted earnings surprise is is too low to be considered statistically significant. Predicted revenue surprise is too low to be significant.

* The average price target from the four analysts providing estimates is $9.9.


* The company is expected to report a fall in revenue to $427.85 million from $431.38 million in the same quarter last year.

* The current quarter consensus estimate of -72 cents per share implies a gain of 48.23 percent from the same quarter last year when the company reported $1.39 per share.

* Previous quarterly performance(using preferred earnings measure)

Dec. 31 2019-0.380.17Beat
Sep. 30 2019-0.89-0.47Beat
Jun. 30 2019-1.11-1.27Missed
Mar. 31 2019-1.46-1.39Beat

Technical Indicators

Overall, the bias in prices is: Downwards.

The projected upper bound is: 8.96.

The projected lower bound is: 5.68.

The projected closing price is: 7.32.


A black body occurred (because prices closed lower than they opened).
During the past 10 bars, there have been 2 white candles and 8 black candles for a net of 6 black candles. During the past 50 bars, there have been 18 white candles and 31 black candles for a net of 13 black candles.

A spinning top occurred (a spinning top is a candle with a small real body). Spinning tops identify a session in which there is little price action (as defined by the difference between the open and the close). During a rally or near new highs, a spinning top can be a sign that prices are losing momentum and the bulls may be in trouble.

Three black candles occurred in the last three days. Although these candles were not big enough to create three black crows, the steady downward pattern is bearish.

Momentum Indicators

Momentum is a general term used to describe the speed at which prices move over a given time period. Generally, changes in momentum tend to lead to changes in prices. This expert shows the current values of four popular momentum indicators.

Stochastic Oscillator

One method of interpreting the Stochastic Oscillator is looking for overbought areas (above 80) and oversold areas (below 20). The Stochastic Oscillator is 22.8833. This is not an overbought or oversold reading. The last signal was a sell 8 period(s) ago.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

The RSI shows overbought (above 70) and oversold (below 30) areas. The current value of the RSI is 47.65. This is not a topping or bottoming area. A buy or sell signal is generated when the RSI moves out of an overbought/oversold area. The last signal was a buy 29 period(s) ago.

Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

The CCI shows overbought (above 100) and oversold (below -100) areas. The current value of the CCI is -59. This is not a topping or bottoming area. The last signal was a sell 7 period(s) ago.


The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence indicator (MACD) gives signals when it crosses its 9 period signal line. The last signal was a sell 0 period(s) ago.

Rex Takasugi – TD Profile

SOHU.COM LTD closed down -0.100 at 7.390. Volume was 30% below average (neutral) and Bollinger Bands were 10% narrower than normal.

Open     High     Low      Close      Volume
7.440    7.670    7.320    7.390      349,986
Technical Outlook
Short Term:         Neutral
Intermediate Term:  Bullish
Long Term:          Bearish
Moving Averages: 10-period       50-period        200-period
Close:           7.99            7.60             10.14
Volatility:      94              139              97
Volume:          525,589         568,887          443,670

Short-term traders should pay closer attention to buy/sell arrows while intermediate/long-term traders should place greater emphasis on the Bullish or Bearish trend reflected in the lower ribbon.


SOHU.COM LTD is currently 27.2% below its 200-period moving average and is in an upward trend. Volatility is high as compared to the average volatility over the last 10 periods.

Our volume indicators reflect volume flowing into and out of SOHU.O at a relatively equal pace (neutral). Our trend forecasting oscillators are currently bullish on SOHU.O and have had this outlook for the last 12 periods.

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