Socialist Elizabeth Warren: Do Not Impeach President Trump Let Mueller Finish

Socialist Elizabeth Warren: Do Not Impeach President Trump Let Mueller Finish

Socialist Elizabeth Warren: Do Not Impeach President Trump Let Mueller Finish

Socialist US Senator, Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), aka Pocahontas, who recently called for the invocation of the 25th amendment to remove President Trump from office as unfit to govern has changed her tune.

Now, the outspoken potential Democratic candidate for president wants special counsel Robert Mueller to finish his Russia investigation and does not want to see President Donald Trump impeached right now.

Senator Warren, spoke with The New York Times during a TimesTalks event late Thursday and was asked about billionaire Tom Steyer’s campaign to have President Trump impeached.

“Nope. Not on this,” Senator Warren replied when asked if she supports the movement.

“I take this very seriously. This is something that could come to the House. If it does, it could come to the Senate. … This is about letting the special prosecutor complete his investigation. We have an ongoing, serious investigation. It has resulted in more than two dozen indictments or guilty pleas already, and I want protection for the special prosecutor.”

Senator Warren added that she gets worried about the future of Mr. Mueller’s team, which is probing Russian involvement in the 2016 US Presidential election and whether The Trump Campaign colluded with the Kremlin, when she sees President Trump attack the investigation and the people conducting it.

“Every time Donald Trump starts Tweeting again or attacks somebody else in government, I get very worried about the special prosecutor,” said Senator Warren, who noted that GOP leaders could try to pass a bill that would prevent Mr. Mueller from being sacked.

“Once the investigation is completed, then we know what we’ve got in front of us,” she declared.

Ms. Warren has been discussed as a potential candidate for President in the Y 2020 election.

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