Socialist Bernie Sanders May Run for President Again

Socialist Bernie Sanders May Run for President Again

Socialist Bernie Sanders May Run for President Again

Political allies of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) aka ‘The Bern’, say it is becoming more likely that he will enter into the Y 2020 Presidential race according to reports published in Washington.

“I expect him to run,” said Larry Cohen,  chairman of Our Revolution, a movement formed by Senator Sanders supporters after he lost to Hillary Clinton in his bid to win the Democratic Presidential nomination in Y 2016.

Jeff Weaver, who served as Senator Sanders’ campaign manager in Y 2016, added: “He’s very focused on the question of beating Trump and putting a Democrat in the White House. And if he runs it is because he thinks he’s the one to do it.”

But some Democrats maintain that Senators Sanders has divided the party and is partly to blame for Mrs. Clinton’s defeat, and  they say he should not be considered as a Democrat party candidate.

“He’s completely using the party to serve his best interests,” one of Mrs. Clinton aide told reporters. “He’s a Democrat only when it’s convenient to be a Democrat.”

A Zogby Poll, conducted in June, showed Democrats favored former Vice President Joe Biden in the Y 2020 race. However, Senator Sanders was close behind in 2nd place.

On the Socialists front

“My own grandfather died in the aftermath of the storm, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez Tweeted.

New York Democratic House candidate, a socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that her grandfather was among those who died in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Y 2017.

And she said thousands of Puerto Ricans have similar stories about losing loved ones.

Her comments came in a Tweet Thursday in response to a Tweet by President Donald Trump disputing death estimates from the storm.

President Trump Thursday denied Puerto Rico’s official death toll and claimed that Democrats inflated the numbers.

Stay tuned…

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