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Smart Luggage Samsara Appeals To Frequent Travellers


Forbes Magazine recently highlighted Samsara’s Smart Carry-on Suitcase in a comparative review of leading brands in the Smart Luggage space:

  • “Samsara is a gorgeous carry-on with a lightweight aluminum shell”
  • “The big story of Samsara is its design! Opposite the smooth-rolling wheels is a flat top, allowing you to use it as an ad-hoc desk… It is secured by two TSA-approved combination latches. Believe me, they make the bag a lot easier to close when you’re overstuffed at the end of the trip”
  • “If you need to charge a laptop from your carry-on, then Samsara is the only way to go. Plus, there’s no denying that Samsara’s battery pack is just smarter – offering integrated features”
  • “It represents a marked evolution in smart luggage”
  • “If you’re a business traveler who needs to be able to keep working no matter where you are, get the Samsara

Samsara’s safety features are unparalleled with any smart suitcase on the market today. The Samsara phone app sends real-time notifications to customers when the suitcase is out of range or opened. Partnered with the two-separate built in combination locks, this suitcase was made to give travelers the peace of mind they want to enjoy their travels, whether for work or pleasure.       

About Samsara Luggage

Samsara Luggage recently signed a merger agreement with Darkstar Ventures Inc. (OTC: DAVC). Samsara is a leading travel and lifestyle brand that supplies innovative smart luggage to the global marketplace. Samsara builds brand value for its customers by combining cutting edge technology with unmatched quality and innovative design. Samsara Luggage is committed to providing products that are up to date with the latest technological advances for its tech-savvy customer base. Samsara recently took its suitcases worldwide, launching a global sales initiative on Amazon. 

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