Sitting on a Cash Pile 5-0? These Products are for the On-the-Go Consumers Worldwide

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Tupperware Brands Corp. (NYSE:TUP) is now a Strong Buy. The stock broke out on 3 June at 3.87 and confirmed on 16 July at 7.78. There is Strong Support at 14.13 and no resistance. All of our technical indicators have turned Very Bullish across the board, auguring a 39+ price target in Q-1 of Y 2021.

Currently TUP trades at 26.41 against a 52 wk trading range of 1.15 – 26.97.

Tupperware Brands Corporation manufactures and sells products across a range of brands and categories in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Asia Pacific, North America, and South America.

The company offers design-centric preparation, storage, and serving solutions for the kitchen and home, as well as a line of cookware, knives, microwave products, microfiber textiles, water-filtration related items, and an array of products for on-the-go consumers under the Tupperware brand name.

It also manufactures and distributes skin and hair care products, cosmetics, bath and body care, toiletries, fragrances, jewelry, and nutritional products under the Avroy Shlain, Fuller, NaturCare, Nutrimetics, and Nuvo brands.

The company sells its products directly to distributors, directors, managers, and dealers.

The company was formerly known as Tupperware Corporation and changed its name to Tupperware Brands Corporation in December 2005.

Tupperware Brands Corporation was founded in Y 1946 and is HQ’d in Orlando, Florida.

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