Sitting on a Cash Pile 2.0? A Puffy White Cloud

Sitting on a Cash Pile 2.0? A Puffy White Cloud

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I have been seeing big trading action on Couldera (NYSE:CLDR) since it brokout on 15 May, and now that breakout has been confirmed, and the stock is trading at 13.36 Vs its 52 wk high at 13.93.

The Key support is at 13.31 and there is little overhead resistance.

HeffX-LTN’s over all technical outlook is Bullish with a Very Bullish bias and a target price of 20/21 in Q-1 2021.

Lots of cloud and hybrid cloud companies have been finding buyers or they are valued at very high marks on expectations of limitless growth.

Sure, there is now room for every 1 of these companies in every facet of the business and enterprise market but Cloudera is in a sweet spot of the new economy due to enterprise software and cloud. It offers data analytics and management suites and it sells licenses.

Its Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub allows companies to operate in public and private clouds and in data centers.

Its Cloudera Data Warehouse offers low-latency (Zero Query) wait times, as well as targets lower IT spending and self-service analytics.

Other products are in machine learning and data centers, and the company targets a very broad spectrum of industries for its customer base.

The company was founded in Y 2008 and is HQ’d in Palo Alto, California.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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