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Single domain or multiple – here’s why you should choose the latter


Are you still mulling over whether you should register just one or go for multiple domains? After you invest time, money and energy into creating your online brand, you’d do everything to secure it from hackers or anyone who would do it harm.

Your domain name or URL is the address you type in the web browser to visit your website (http://www.yourbusiness.com).

Whether intentional or purely accidental, if there are domain names that sound or feel like they should be part of your brand and it’s not yours, there’s nothing you can do to prevent someone from owning it once they already paid for it – you can obtain it, but it won’t be cheap.

Many owners think this would never happen to them only to suffer the consequences.

We once operated a startup brand that offers a variety of products and services but did not opt to buy the domain names of my products and services to protect their brand.

A couple of months later, a mutual contact just “happened” to acquire a domain name of one of the products and proceeded to direct it to his related product.

People can buy domain names to trick people

This was not an accident. There are a lot of online users looking for domains to drive traffic to their own sites. If your business name is a way to do it, they will purchase it. At that point, you can still try and ask them to sell it to you. But they will absolutely charge with any price they want.

People can buy similar domains since it’s their brand name, too.

Another person might own one of the other domain names you’re supposed to buy. They can have a legitimate business, plus the domain name is a great choice. If the other business owner has been in business many more years, you would be spending money building up a brand that now directs to someone else.

People can make spelling errors typing your domain name

You might have been working hard for just to build up a recognizable brand. However, a very common misspelling of the domain name from any of your supposed lead can happen. This will be a very costly oversight and loss opportunity!

Furthermore, you could be losing a lot of website traffic. If someone just heard the name of the business, they would assume it was spelled the way it’s said, not how it was intended to.

For instance, a domain name Fatbrain.com should also consider purchasing www.fatbrian.com since many people can type quickly and misspell it. Doing so will protect your identity online. The cost to prevent this issue is inexpensive as well.

Lastly, keyword-rich domains play an important part in a search engine optimization (SEO) plan and will boost traffic and search engine discoverability. Registering a domain name is a quick and inexpensive task. You can Google domain names or visit a business like Crazy Domains and use the domain name tools to see what is available for your business.

There you have it. If you can spend a little bit more to purchase more domains for your online presence, then it’s recommended to do so. The extra investment could well end up one of your best expense in the long run.

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