Singapore Turf Club will introduce a new form of betting, Flexi-Quartet, from Wednesday, 11 April 2018. It allows customers the flexibility to decide how much they want to invest for a Quartet bet with multiple combinations. With the introduction of Flexi-Quartet, the Quadro bet type will be discontinued.

Flexi-Quartet works in the same way as the current Quartet bet – customers need to select four horses in the correct finishing order. With Flexi-Quartet, customers can buy a Quartet bet with multiple selections at a lower cost and more flexibility on the number of combinations.

The minimum investment of a Flexi-Quartet bet is $20 or 10% of the full bet value, whichever is higher, and subsequent incremental investments must be in multiples of $1. All unit costs will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The following shows how the minimum investment of Flexi-Quartet betting works:

Quartet Selection 1 Unit Cost 10% of Unit Cost Flexi-Quartet Bet

Minimum Investment

#1-2-3-4 $48 $4.80 $20
#1-2-3-4-5 $240 $24 $24
1-2-F-F (14 starters)* $264 $26.40 $27

*“1-2-F-F” means customer selects horse 1 for first placing, horse 2 for second placing, and any horses for third and fourth placing.

Dividends will be declared based on a full unit bet. Customers who win a Flexi-Quartet bet will receive the winning based on the percentage of the dividend they have invested in. Any unpaid balance of the net pool will be carried forward as a jackpot to the next pool unless otherwise determined by the Club.

Flexi-Quartet will be offered for all races where Quartet is offered. Customers can place Flexi-Quartet bets at the Singapore Racecourse, Off-course Betting Centres and Outlets, Singapore Pools Branches and via Telebet services (phone betting and internet betting).

About Singapore Turf Club

Founded in 1842, Singapore Turf Club (STC) is the oldest existing and only horse racing club in Singapore with world-class racing sports facilities. The Club is the only authorised totalisator operator for horse racing activities in Singapore.

With over 175 years of horse racing history, STC today provides the public with quality horse racing sports entertainment at the Singapore Racecourse at Kranji on most Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons throughout the year. In addition, the Club regularly opens its Racecourse premises and organise wide-ranging recreational activities for public visitors, including Singaporeans and tourists, to enjoy. It also operates the Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre, a 3-hectare site next to the Singapore Racecourse, with world-class riding arenas.

The Club adopts a strong “Play Responsibly” stance. Through regular engagements with its customers, STC advocates a balanced approach towards enjoying the sport and thrills of horse racing as an entertainment and sport, without adversely affecting customers’ financial situations or lifestyles.

STC is a proprietary club of Tote Board, a Statutory Board under the Ministry of Finance. Singapore Turf Club channels the surplus from its operations to Tote Board to give grants to worthy causes.

For more information about Singapore Turf Club, please visit

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