Should Robert Mueller Overreach He Will Be at President Trump’s Mercy

Should Robert Mueller Overreach He Will Be at President Trump’s Mercy

Should Robert Mueller Overreach He Will Be at President Trump’s Mercy

  • Robert Mueller is now on a Short String

Saturday, US President Donald Trump’s lead attorney said that if the special counsel investigating Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 US election were to subpoena the President, it would set off a major legal battle.

Rudy Giuliani, the former NYC Mayor who became President Trump’s lead lawyer in April, said the President would go to court if Special Counsel Robert Mueller attempts to subpoena him.

“If Mueller tries to subpoena us, we’re going to court,” Mr. Giuliani told reporters.

In addition to fighting a subpoena, Mr. Giuliani said that President Trump’s legal strategy as detailed in a January letter to Mr. Mueller and published by the NY-T’s Saturday stands.

President Trump’s lawyers argued in the January letter that the President could not have obstructed the probe given the powers granted to him by the US Constitution.

Where in stated that the President has the power to “order the termination of an investigation by the Justice Department or FBI at any time and for any reason.”

Sending a clear signal to Robert Mueller not to over reach his continuing misconduct.

In the letter to Mr. Mueller, Trump’s lawyers contend that the Constitution gives the President the power to “terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon,” meaning  he could not illegally obstruct the investigation.

The 20-page letter was a response to requests by Mr. Mueller’s office asking to interview President Trump.

Russia has denied any election interference and President Trump has repeatedly said there was no collusion or obstruction of justice.

Again, Robert Mueller’s office declined to comment

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