Short Sellers May Face Regulation as Reg SHO Becomes a Hot Issue

Short Sellers May Face Regulation as Reg SHO Becomes a Hot Issue

Short Sellers May Face Regulation as Reg SHO Becomes a Hot Issue

Tom Ronk issued a bulletin this morning, This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to the MARKET INTEGRITY of the trading in your’s and every other public company in the United States. After years of fighting against “naked short selling” (20 years from our efforts), the United States Supreme Court has blocked Wall Street’s attempt to stop companies and its shareholders from suing them at the state level.

The Supreme Court ruled this morning that companies and investors CAN SUE at the state level for Federal Securities Laws violations of Regulation SHO (rule governing short selling) and the RICO (anti-racketeering statute) can be applied! This is the beginning of the end for the practice of short stock without disclosing it, locating it, borrowing it, paying the interest rate to borrow it and never covering the short position.

RICO violations are punishable as a criminal offense and jail time. We are the only company that has consolidated the tape of all 14 US stock exchanges and the TRADE IDENTIFIERS showing every trade in your stock that was a sell short (on a daily basis back to August 2009 and on a monthly basis back to January 2005). It’s time to call us. We can help stop this activity that is going on in your stock!

Download the Ruling

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