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Short Sellers have Raised their Bets on Biotech


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The Short interest data are out for 15 September, the most recent settlement date.

FDA rulings can make or break a biotech stock, and Short sellers and mega-Bulls often go to war against each other in these companies.

The 15 September Short interest data has been compared with the prior report, and Short interest in these selected biotech stocks increased.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s (NASDAQ:ALXN) Short interest increased to 5.08-M shares from the prior 4.84-M. Shares recently traded at 112.02, in a 52-wk trading range of 72.67 – 121.50.

Amgen Inc. (NASDAQ:AMGN) saw its Short interest increase to 6.77-M shares from the prior mark of 6.20-M. Shares were trading at 240.32, in a 52-wk trading range of 177.05 – 264.97.

Short interest in Biogen Inc. (NASDAQ:BIIB) rose to 3.69-M shares from 3.31 million in the prior frame. The stock recently traded at 270.04, within a 52-wk trading range of 219.70 – 374.99.

Gilead Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD) saw its Short interest rise to 17.95-M shares from 16.17-M in the prior frame. Shares were trading recently at 62.25, in a 52-wk trading range of 60.89 – 85.97.

The number of Moderna Inc. (NASDAQ:MRNA) shares Short grew from 28.02 to 28.22-M in the time period. The share price was 67.77 Friday and has ranged from 95.21 to 13.53 in the past year.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s (NASDAQ:REGN) short interest increased to 1.60-M from the prior 1.59-M. The stock recently traded at 557.46 a share, in a 52-wk range of 271.37 – 664.64.

And the number of Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:VRTX) shares Short decreased to 3.04-M. The prior reading was 3.35-M. The shares traded at 263.13 recently, in a 52-wk trading range of 165.23 – 306.08

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