The More You Share Your Network The More Powerful It Becomes

The More You Share Your Network The More Powerful It Becomes

The More You Share Your Network The More Powerful It Becomes


Networking is universally recognized as a powerful tool for business people and professionals. 

Knowing more people gives one greater access, enhances the sharing of information, and makes it easier to influence others for the simple reason that influencing people you know is easier than influencing strangers.

The creators of LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD), Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), and Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) have built their empires on the notion that their social networking tools help people build their networks and remain better connected than ever before.

The Big Q: Does it follow that social networks make leaders more powerful by making connectivity easier?

The Big A: Yes, social networks allow you learn about other people you might never have known of otherwise.

One of the biggest assets in anyone can have is a generous network. It is a gift that grows simply by sharing it. Think of it as the Law of Accelerating Returns  the more you share your network, the more people share it in return and the more the rate of sharing accelerates.

For most of us, networks (we used to call it out Rolodex) have and are played a Key role in our lives, whether we realize it or not.

A network empowers what has been dubbed, ‘The Ask”

Many of us worry that asking may appear self-serving, even if when it is not.

People fear rejection aka No, fear coming off dumb or stupid, some actually fear hearing a Yes, because it brings the next Q what would to do now?

Asking takes courage, right?

Think about it, what is the worst that can happen? It is a “No.” No one is going to throw you in jail or bite off your right arm.

The power of The Ask.

When we do not use the power of The Ask” we are in essence saying “No” before the question has even been asked, saying No to opportunities that change our businesses, our organizations, ourselves, and actual lives.

So even if it feels uncomfortable, look for ways can you use The Ask in your network and make this the year of the Law of Accelerating Returns it will change your life.

Risk a little, make things happen.

Stay tuned…


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