Shangri-La of Ice and Snow

Shangri-La of Ice and Snow

Shangri-La of Ice and Snow

The 22nd China Jilin International Snow, Ice and Rime Festival, which was held on December 18 in Jilin City of Jilin Province, hosted 26 main events, such as international ice and snow competitions, ice and snow tourism, economic and trade cooperation and cultural performances, and more than 100 creative activities. The events allowed both domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the unique charm of the tourism and cultural city, which is famous for its natural landscape of rime.

Jilin Rime, together with Guilin landscape, Yunnan Stone Forest and the Yangtze River Three Gorges are known as China’s four natural wonders. In cold days, the air is too saturated with water, so the air in the branches and other objects is crystallized, forming a real spectacular scene. On Songhua River, a power station makes the downstream river keep unfrozen in Jilin City. With the unique winter climate in Northeast China, it forms the excellent conditions for rime. Rime covers the modern city of Jilin with silver trees, offering beautiful sightseeing beyond eyes can see.

Northeast China’s ice and snow has become an important resource for local economic development. Located at 43 degrees north latitude, Jilin is covered with ice and snow for half of the year. With excellent ice and snow resources, Jilin has formed a snow and ice tourism resource structure with the eight major snowfields, eight hot springs and the eight rime ornamental belts as the main body, not only accelerating the development of the ice and snow tourism industry, but also promoting the popularization process of the ice and snow sports. This city is doing its best to become a famous ice and snow tourism city, a city that is good at winter sports, a city with huge ice and snow industry in China and a world-class ice and snow tourist destination.

Zhang Huanqiu, mayor of Jilin City, said that nature has given opportunities to this city. A lot of famous enterprises from China and the rest of the world are investing in the ice and snow industry here. Everbright Securities has started China’s first ten-billion-yuan ice and snow industry fund in Jilin, in order to further develop the products of rime, hot spring and winter sports.

Jilin is becoming well-known as the “Shangri-La of snow and ice” in the world. Many international top-level winter sports events are held here. More and more tourists come here to enjoy the fun of snow and ice and winter sports. In the Spring Festival Golden Week of 2016, 2.7 million tourists came to Jilin City and the income of tourism reached 2.273 billion yuan.

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