“Sex Games In Hollywood,” new book by Michael Selsman, author of “All Is Vanity”

“Sex Games In Hollywood,” new book by Michael Selsman, author of “All Is Vanity”


“Sex Games in Hollywood & Around the World” by Michael Selsman released worldwide by Troika Publishing Group.

A new book by Michael Selsman, President of Archer Entertainment (OTCMKT:AEMC) and author of “All Is Vanity,” was released at the weekend by his publisher.

“Sex Games in Hollywood & Around the World,” is now available.

Mr. Selsman has been both a producer at several studios, as well as an independent producer, theatrical agent and publicity agent for Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland.

Commenting on the latest from Harvey Weinstein to Les Moonves, and all the history from Y 1912, the start of the film business, to today in the movie world, Mr. Selsman says, “Hollywood promises fame, riches, and a fun existence and has always summoned pretty young girls, and boys, from any country that had a film industry.

Wherever in the world- France, Germany, Japan, China, India, Holland, England, or America – all are magnets for girls, or boys, to escape to a life of glamour. Only it rarely results in that – more like repeated rejection, empty promises, come-on’s, leading to waitressing, porn films, prostitution, and, in worst case, home, with tails between legs, occasionally with a kid, or kids.”

“Sex Games in Hollywood & Around the World,” is the latest, and the best, depiction of sex for boys and girls as a lure for the predators that exist in power, both men and women.”

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Editors Note: You can buy this book directly from directly from author Michael Selsman via his website at a discount from Amazon.com’s price click here.

You will enjoy the read!

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