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Several States Planning to Reopen, Georgia is in the Spotlight


From Tennessee, Texas to Ohio and Montana, states around the country have announced plans to reopen over the next 2 wks. Their plans have drawn criticism from health experts who warn that a premature easing of stay-at-home guidelines could trigger a rise in coronavirus cases.

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp has cleared the way for gyms, hair salons, bowling alleys, and tattoo and massage parlors to restart Friday, followed by movie theaters and restaurants next week.

South Carolina began to ease restrictions Monday. Florida opened some of its beaches last Friday.

Business owners were responding to the lifting of restrictions in vastly different ways.

Georgia has recorded nearly 850 deaths out of about 21,000 cases, the 11th highest toll of the 50 US states. The watch words in Georgia are “Live Free or Die!”

Angie Bullman said her suburban Atlanta hair salon would reopen on Friday and is fully booked for the weekend. “We are getting back to work,” she said.

Former Reagan Administration Office of Management and Budget director  David Stockman Thursday blasted the “lockdown nation” triggered by the coronavirus outbreak, alleging public officials have conducted “fraud on a massive scale.” He declared that 90% of the nation’s population is not in harm’s way.

Unemployment figures released on Thursday were a reminder of the devastating economic toll of the unprecedented stay-at-home efforts to stop the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus outbreak.

US Labor Department data showed 26.5-M Americans had sought jobless benefits the last 5 wks, meaning all the jobs gained during the longest employment boom in US history have been wiped out by the coronavirus chaos..

About 850,000 Americans have been infected and 48,000 have died of COVID-19 coronavirus, the respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus, keeping in mind that there are 331,000,000+ people in this country, and the death tool is less than the average annual death counts from the flu according to a Reuters tally.

President Trump Wednesday broke with the Georgia governor over his plan to reopen some businesses Friday.

It’s just too soon. I think it’s too soon,” President Trump said at his daily White House briefing.

Vice President Mike Pence said previously released guidelines for reopening are “what we believe is the best counsel for how to safely and responsibly reopen” but reopening ultimately is a local decision.

We want governors to make those decisions on a state by state,” he said in a Thursday interview on the Rush Limbaugh’s syndicated radio program.

A number of opinion polls have shown a bipartisan majority of Americans are afraid, and want to stay home to protect themselves from the coronavirus, despite the impact to the economy.

Just 13% of Americans polled in a CBS News survey released Thursday said they would definitely return to public places over the next few wks if restrictions were lifted right now, no matter what the progress of the outbreak.

Though I expect that The People overall have short memories and will be out and about quickly once they know that they will not be persecuted for living free.

After days of political wrangling, the Democrat controlled House of Representatives returned to Washington and pass its $484-B coronavirus interim relief bill, funding small businesses and hospitals and pushing the total spending response to the crisis to about $3-T.

President Trump promised to sign the interim aid/relief into law this week.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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