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Setting Up Your Home Office


Working from home offers lots advantages, including the flexibility of setting your own schedule, saving time and money by eliminating your daily commute, and allowing you to start a business with minimal overhead.

But, being successful in a home office requires creating an office space that promotes efficiency in that non-traditional work environment.

Whether you are self-employed or telecommuting, take time to define a professional working space that separates your work from your personal life, that is Key.

What you need will depend on the kind of work you do.

A consultant could require space to meet with clients. A photographer may need an in-home studio or storage space for props and lighting equipment.

If telecommuting, rather than running your own business, your employer may have specific requirements about the equipment you need to have, such as dedicated electronics or industry-specific equipment.

So, before claiming a corner in 1 of your rooms and calling it good enough, make a detailed list of your needs for a home office and set up a space that meets those requirements.

Ideally, your office should be in a quiet area with some privacy. This is especially important if you share the house with a spouse, children, or roommates.

Set up your home office with plenty of light for work, people do their best work in natural light.

Windows and exposure to daylight can impact office workers’ physical and mental well-being. Working in a space with natural light can reduce headaches and eyestrain, allowing you to be more productive on a day-to-day basis and healthier long-term.

Keep a plant/s in your workspace. Research shows that having plants in an office can improve productivity and make one happier when working.

And, 1 of the many benefits of working from home is having reduced overhead when you are self employed.

Having a dedicated phone for your home office, including a Smartphone or a VoIP phone, can allow you to separate your work and personal life, maintaining boundaries that help both you and your clients/customers.

Keep your personal life from spilling over into your business life. 

Setting up a business bank account is the 1st step in helping you avoid mixing personal expenses with business expenses. Keep these things seperate.

Segmenting your business from your personal records will help at tax time. Tax deductions related to home offices are have been scrutinized, and the more you can prove that the office is a completely separate and dedicated area, the better you will be able to meet the IRS definitions of a home office.

Working from a home office often begets overwork. Whether you put a clock on the wall or use the alarm on your phone, have some way to track time in your home office.

Tracking time will not just encourage you to break up your workday, it will also help maintain regular work hours.

Even though your work is at home, there still comes a time when you have it to call it a day and shut the door to your office. It can be hard to do.

Have a healthy day, stay home, Keep the Faith!

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