Financial Review , Planning & Management

Our Strategic Planning process, culminating in a one-page plan, will identify your firm’s strategic objectives and set the path for firm growth. We focus on commitment, accountability, talent management and acceleration through the use of technology.

All good firms understand the need to conduct a strategic examination of business plans, but many neglect to incorporate a strategy inclusive of technology that promotes optimum results. We provide partners and management with the tools to identify the firm’s dangers, opportunities and strengths while offering instruction on integrating strategic, technology and marketing plans.

Along with comparing the firm’s current investments and priorities with peers, we estimate potential costs relative to long-term value. We then offer direction as you shape a vision and strategy to maximize the return on your firm’s technology investments utilizing a robust yet simple one-page, strategic plan.

The Strategic Plan offers direction for your firm’s most vital growth initiatives. Don’t move ahead without it!Captial Raising and Placement
• Private equity
• Preferred stock
• Secured debt
• Mezzanine debt
• Unsecured debt
• Manufacturer financing
• Off-balance sheet loan financing
• Pre-delivery deposit financing
Monitoring and Reporting Services

• Consolidated reporting of global bank accounts
• Consolidated and reporting of all family assets (Including non-bankable assets)
• Consolidate​d performance reporting
• Risk-adjusted performance reporting and risk attribution
• Benchmark comparison
• Fiscal annual performance
• Risk reporting
• Offering an online reporting system

Budget & Cash Flow Management Services

• Assessing actual wealth and current income, diagnosis of short- and medium-term liquidity requirements and long-term goals
• Cash-flow projections
• Private accounting
• Cash management (bill paying, cash flow, budgeting, etc.)
Administrative Services
• Support with general legal issues
• Document & record management
• Accounting
• Bookkeeping
• Collection and filing of your administrative documents
• Payment of invoices and taxes, and arranging tax compliance

Family / General Support

• Travel arrangements
• Private secretary services
• Concierge services
• Hiring domestic staff (nannies, chefs, chauffeurs, private tutors and other household staff)
• Managing household employees
• Organising private events (weddings, celebrations, birthday parties, etc.)
• Support with schooling for your children
• Purchasing, insuring and shipping assets

Revenue Improvement

Revenue improvement is the difference between watching your company grow and starting to consider cutbacks and layoffs. In tough economic times, forward thinking and planning for Revenue improvement will lead to greater overall success for a company at a time when the competition may be considering scaling back their business.

Revenue improvement is based on a method of increasing the number of customers that come into a given business. In traditional supply chain cost cutting efforts, a company might work to take 10% of distribution costs. The gain they will see on their balance sheet rarely will exceed 10 or 15% if the efforts are successful. A study by Mercer Management consulting revealed that companies who engage in cost cutting to increase shareholder value rarely regain market dominance over the five years following expense control initiatives. On the other hand, Revenue improvement allows companies to focus on growing the top line, or demand chain, rather than cutting bottom line expenses. The number of customers that Revenue improvement efforts can attract into a business is free from caps or ceilings. And who would turn down more customers at their door?

The type of forward thinking that results in Revenue improvement is unfortunately the exception rather than the rule. CEO’s may talk a good game, however few senior management teams stick to the Revenue improvement method of investing the company’s assets into a long term model of customer attraction over a short term model of expense reduction and cost control. However, so strong is the desire to satisfy shareholders and a Board of Directors that Revenue improvement falls by the wayside, even if cost cutting, or “fire fighting” efforts erode the company’s overall strategy.

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