Senator Schumer (D-NY) is Coming Around to the “Death” of Obamacare

Senator Schumer (D-NY) is Coming Around to the “Death” of Obamacare

Senator Schumer (D-NY) is Coming Around to the “Death” of Obamacare

US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said his party is willing to work on Barack Obamacare repairs, as long as Republicans drop their demands to repeal the law.

“We Democrats, provided our Republican colleagues drop replace and stop undermining the ACA (Affordable Care Act) are willing to work with our Republican friends,” he said in a TV interview Sunday morning. “As long as they say ‘no more repeal.’ That’s a loser.”

Thus, signaling publicly that the American people know President Trump in charge and they want him to make things better across the board.

The Ice has Cracked.

Tax reform is up next.

In addition,Senator Schumer said Donald Trump campaigned as a populist, but had been “captured by the hard right wealthy special interests” who loved GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan’s healthcare proposal for giving “huge tax cuts to the rich.”

“If they do the same thing on tax reform, and the overwhelming majority of the cuts go to the very wealthy, the special interests, corporate America, and the middle class and poor people are left out, they will lose again,” said Senator Schumer.

“The tax breaks he’s proposing, 82c’s on the dollar, goes to the financiers,” said Sen. Schumer. “In the places where those tax breaks will work, you’re getting huge tolls. The American people do not want tolls on every highway. And 3rd, it is building nothing in rural America and large parts of ex-urban America because they just cannot pay those tolls. ”

Senator Schumer also spoke about the upcoming confirmation vote for Supreme Court justice nominee Neil Gorsuch, insisting that it should take 60 votes to approve him.

“Sixty votes makes sense,” he said. “You get bi-partisan support. You avoid judges far right or far left. And each of the four last judges, two by President Bush, Alito and Roberts; two by President Obama, Bagan and Sotomayor, met that 60-vote standard.”

Again, the Ice has Cracked…expect Supreme Court justice nominee Neil Gorsuch to get the 60-votes.

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