Security ‘Beefed Up’ at America’s Major Airports

Security ‘Beefed Up’ at America’s Major Airports

Security ‘Beefed Up’ at America’s Major Airports

Major airports in the US, like those in Atlanta, Chicago, New York/New Jersey and Los Angeles have stepping up security in the wake of the radical Islamic terrorist attack at Istanbul Turkey’s Ataturk Airport

US airline passengers will see an increased police presence maintaining vigilance and will elevate and adjust the airport’s security posture to provide a safe environment for travelers, they have multiple layers of security and will deploy as deemed necessary.

American passengers are now keenly aware of what happened at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, but overall they are not letting it massacre their disrupt their travel plans.

Airport officials across the US say they will continue to monitor developments abroad and update their security measures as needed.

Security experts say, the best approach is to post armed officers such as local police or National Guard members at all terminal doors to confront suspicious people before they enter the building.

A new security regimen at Ataturk Airport apparently helped disrupt the plans of 3 terrorists looking to penetrate deeper into the Terminal and wreak more terror, death, injury and destruction, Turkey’s Prime Minister said Wednesday.

The attackers’ suicide bombs killed 42 people, but the death toll was likely lower after an encounter with guards at the terminal’s doorway forced them to split up and set off the explosives earlier than planned.

The attack at the Istanbul airport Tuesday also wounded more than 230 people, but from all accounts could have been much worse.

Ataturk Airport, one of the world’s busiest, has one of the most comprehensive security regimens in the world.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the Istanbul massacre, but authorities believe the Islamic State (IS) is behind the assault. The Dogan news agency, citing unidentified sources, said autopsies on the 3 suicide bombers suggest they are foreign nationals

The US State Department did not recommend outright that Americans should not travel to Turkey, but said Wednesday that they should be “situationally aware” while traveling in the country.

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