SecDef Mattis, “… I create concerns for our enemies”

SecDef Mattis, “… I create concerns for our enemies”

SecDef Mattis, “… I create concerns for our enemies”

Friday, US Defense Secretary James Mattis said that he has no major military concerns for Y 2018, telling reporters: “I don’t have major concerns. I create them.”

Secretary Mattis’ comments at the Pentagon were reported via Twitter.

In assessing Y 2017’s efforts last week, Mattis told reporters that the Islamic State was “on the run,”

“We’re breaking them,” he said.

Secretary Mattis said that breaking up the physical ISIS caliphate in Iraq and Syria will change how US forces pursue the terrorists this year.

“We are in the process of crushing the life out of the caliphate there while trying to keep the innocent people safe, which is very hard with this group,” he said.

Those terrorists who has escaped those areas “will have to be hunted down,” Secretary Mattis added.

For Y 2018, the US Defense Secretary said that terrorist will see ISIS as a “brand.”

“It can inspire lone-wolf attacks, it can inspire other groups.

“I think it is a brand with a diminishing appeal,” Secretary Mattis said, “but the appeal is still there for those who go in for that philosophy.”

Secretary Mattis also told reporters Friday that the Pentagon would release its National Defense Strategy on 19 January

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