Scott Morrison Set to Fail Australia

Scott Morrison Set to Fail Australia

Scott Morrison Set to Fail Australia

Scott Morrison is a disaster for Australia, he will immediately fail the nation with his pro-multiculturalism stance.

According to his own website

Australia is one of the most successful multicultural societies in the world. Cultural diversity is one of our greatest assets – sparking innovation, creativity and vitality. It has also strengthened our economy through diverse skills, knowledge and networks.

The Government recognizes the importance of integration, mutual respect, and mutual responsibility – where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to, and benefit from, our prosperity.

Well Mr Morrison Australia disagrees.

African Gangs, Refugee Crime and the cost of immigration dragging down the entire nation, Australia has had enough.

The majority of Australians want to see a Australia managed for the benefit of Australians, we do not agree that the politically correct multi-culturalism has been a success, we think it is a disaster.

We also do not agree that the Australian economy is booming, the average worker has less money than ever before

The National Energy Guarantee is NOT a plan for lower prices

Scott Morrison is a disaster for Australia, if he intends to do the job of Prime Minister he must act to change things, cut immigration, deal with African Gangs, start deporting refugees that commit offenses and support Australia’s Culture.

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