The ‘Most Scenic’ Restaurants in California

The ‘Most Scenic’ Restaurants in California

The ‘Most Scenic’ Restaurants in California

Open Table, the online restaurant reservation site, has named the nation’s Top 100 most scenic eateries and many are in California

OpenTable has just released a ranking of the 100 Most Scenic Restaurants in America for Y 2016.

“Whether they’re perched atop a city skyscraper or nestled on a mountainside, this year’s winning restaurants provide awe-inspiring views that showcase all the beauty of their surroundings for locals and travelers seeking a front-row seat to a city’s natural or manmade splendors,” said Caroline Potter, OpenTable Chief Dining Officer. “A dining experience at any of these honorees is the most delicious way to get a true sense of place when vacationing or exploring your own hometown.”

To arrive at its final list, OpenTable says it examined some 5 million restaurant reviews from more than 20,000 restaurants across the nation.

“All restaurants with a minimum ‘overall’ score and number of qualifying reviews were included for consideration,” the company says of its methodology. “Qualifying restaurants were then scored and sorted according to the percentage of qualifying reviews for which ‘great for outdoor dining’ was selected as a special feature.”

When all was said and done, California claimed Top honors with “scenic views” sweeping up 24 of the 100 spots. Washington claimed 10 spots, while Florida had 7.

OpenTable says most of the eateries serve American fare, but seafood is also popular, followed by international options like Asian, French, Latin American, Italian and Peruvian.

The California honorees are listed below, in alphabetical order:


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