Scandals Piling Up On Hillary Clinton, Campaign Suffering

Scandals Piling Up On Hillary Clinton, Campaign Suffering

Scandals Piling Up On Hillary Clinton, Campaign Suffering…

…some say in a panic.

US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is seeing yet another scandal piling on top of her others scandals, which hurts her campaign by shifting attention away from the GOP candidate Donald Trump, experts said Monday.

At the center of this latest in a string of controversies is the Clinton Foundation, a philanthropic organization founded by Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton.

According to e-Mails released Monday that were sent and received during Clinton’s tenure as US Secretary of State, a network of foundation donors was able to get special access to Clinton while she was secretary of state, although they did not always get what they wanted, the US media reported.

Republicans allege that Mrs. Clinton granted favors as Secretary of State in exchange for donations to the foundation, a charge that Mrs. Clinton denies.

This latest scandal has hurt the Democratic candidate, and has cut her percieved lead in the polls in half, experts said.

“The Clinton Foundation issue is hurting Hillary Clinton. It is taking the focus off Donald Trump and putting on Hillary Clinton,” Darrell West, vice president and director of governance studies of the Brookings Institution, said.

Political strategists and pundits have been saying for months that  DonaldTrump must get people’s eyes off his aggressive directness and make the contest about Mrs. Clinton’ s many scandals, alleged criminal activities, missteps and shortcomings while she served as Secretary of State.

One example is the Clinton Foundation’s receiving millions of USDs from foreign governments while Clinton was Secretary of State.

The more reporters talk about Clinton Foundation finances and money coming from abroad, the more it raises doubts about Mrs. Clinton.

The mainstream media has picked up on it in a big way.

“People understand the risks of money coming from abroad because it creates the possibility of divided loyalties. She needs to make sure the focus stays on Trump’ s outrageous statements and policy flip-flops. That is much better terrain for her,” West said, referring to Trump’s many over-the-top statements in recent months.

For the last 2 months, Donald Trump has moved the race’s focus on Hillary Clinton’ s misdeeds.

Last week was better for Donald Trump because the news is focused on the Clinton Foundation and the new e-Mails that have come out and the tens of thousands more will be coming out this Fall.

This is a very complex scandal where many American voters are going to have a hard time understanding the intricacies involved.

But, the controversy about the Foundation does serve as a Key point under the broader narrative of the “Clintons playing by their own rules” — joining the e-Mail server, paid speeches, and other controversies in the same line of attack from the Republicans.

The scandals are not going away.

Donald Trump has Zero’d in on Hillary Clinton showing his leadership and determination to destroy her in the eyes of The People, thus make this election a referendum on Hillary Clinton and continued Democratic leadership in the White House.

Hillary Clinton is very vulnerable in this attack. It is the stuff that I expect will scuttle her ambition to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office as President to the United States.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are deadlocked in the Key states of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania, according to Emerson College’s 1st general election poll.

Stay tuned…

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