SC Mueller’s Probe to Clear President Trump

SC Mueller’s Probe to Clear President Trump

FLASH: No basis, no exposure, a terrible waste of time and money

John Dowd the formal head of Prentice Trump’s legal team says the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller will clear the President.

Mr. Dowd made his comments in an interview for an episode of “The Investigation,” a new podcast centered on Mueller’s probe.

“I know exactly what Mueller has,” Mr. Dowd said. “I know exactly what every witness said, what every document said. I know exactly what he asked. And I know what the conclusion or the result is.”

He added: “There’s no basis. There’s no exposure. It has been a terrible waste of time.”

“I don’t think there’ll be a report. I will be shocked if anything regarding the president is made public, other than ‘We’re done.’”

Mr. Dowd called the investigation “one of the greatest frauds this country’s ever seen.”

Mr. Dowd says he “loves the President.”

While on the job, Mr. Dowd said he provided Mr. Mueller’s office with extensive documents, but put his foot down when it came to a possible special counsel interview with President Trump.

Mr. Dowd said he did not want to establish a precedent by permitting the interview.

“You cannot treat the President like anybody,” he said.

And he called the indictments stemming from the probe “nickel-dime process crimes.”

“I ran big corruption cases,” he said. “I didn’t go around, picking scabs and just making any case I could make.”

His advice to Robert Mueller: “Your job is to find out if there’s collusion or there was obstruction. And the answer’s ‘No,’ so let’s get on with it.”

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