Say NO to Soda

Say NO to Soda

Say NO to Soda

“Just Say No” was a slogan minted by 1st Lady Nancy Reagan.

The “Just Say No” advertising campaign Vs recreational drug use was prevalent through the 1980’s. Today, the same slogan is appropriate to discourage soda consumption.

For people who struggle with weight or chronic health issues, replacing soda and other sweet drinks, including fruit juices, with pure water is one of the best things one could possibly do, quitting soda can go a long way to better healthy along with other dietary changes.

Crave some flavor? The add lime or lemon juice to still or sparkling water.

Tea is another option.

But in all cases avoid adding sugar, and avoid of bottled varieties as they are  usually loaded with added sugars.

The same for “designer water” like Vitamin Water.

Find it difficult to quit? Do not be discouraged.

Many people are addicted to soda. To break free, make some changes to your diet. Avoid junk and processed foods, switch to Real Organic foods.

Remember, sweetened beverages, whether sweetened with sugar, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), naturally occurring fructose or artificial sweeteners are among the worst culprits in the fight against obesity and related health problems, including diabetes and heart disease.

Just say No to all of these types of beverages, it is a significant first step toward reducing the risk for chronic health problems and weight gain.

In March 2015, WHO published a new sugar guideline that specifically targeted sugary beverages, calling them out as a primary cause for childhood obesity around the world, especially in developing nations, where the soft drink beverage industry is now aggressively expanding its reach.

WHO’s recommendation to limit soda consumption was a huge blow to an already beleaguered soda industry, struggling to maintain a declining market share amid mounting evidence identifying sweetened drinks as a primary contributor to the obesity and diabetes epidemics. Again, say NO to soda.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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