Savvy Political Observers Prepared for a Mid-Term Election ‘Surprise’

Savvy Political Observers Prepared for a Mid-Term Election ‘Surprise’

Savvy Political Observers Prepared for a Mid-Term Election ‘Surprise’

President Donald Trump has the power to “attract many Independents” and pull off a November ‘surprise’ on behalf of Republican incumbents and candidates.

The Democratic party is shredding, stricken by sharp left turn that will not resonate with voters in the heartland of the country.

“The internal wounds will come when their primary debates stray into policy areas stretching far beyond standard liberal orthodoxy,” Andrew Malcolm writes. “Democratic members and their leadership are dangerously concentrated on the coasts and in the geriatric set.”

That leaves a huge opportunity for President Trump and Republicans, who have a booming economy to show for their efforts.

The Big Q: Can the president hit the “Presidential” button long enough to connect with undecided Independent voters?

“If Trump had the self-discipline to tell Trump to stay on one message, dump the hyperbolic false claims and needless, distracting attacks on others, he could attract many Independents seeking someone more presidential,” Mr. Malcolm writes.

“And become a more powerful President, while remaining true to the Trump that Trump and his base love,” he writes. “Few think he can. But then few thought he could be elected President.

“A famous American once said, ‘It’s very easy to be Presidential.’ That famous American was Donald Trump.

Independent voters are poised make the difference between a Bad Vs Very Bad midterm outcome for Republicans, and party operatives have about 90 days to make sure it is not either.

“When you get a wave, it is because independents went decisively one way or the other. Has that begun to occur or are they thinking through things?” Republican strategist.

“We can’t let independents harden against us,” a Republican strategist says. “There’s no coming back from that.”

Tuesday, our President’s shadow loomed over primary contests in 4 states, and none was bigger than Kansas, where he opposed the GOP incumbent for Governor on the eve of the election.

The day’s races, pitted President Trump’s supporters against the Democratic Party’s the so-called anti-Trump Resistance. The results helped determine the political landscape and President Trump’s standing in his party, just before the GOP defends its House and Senate majorities in November.

In the Ohio special election that tested President Donald Trump’s clout and cost both parties millions of dollars in battleground state is still too close to call Wednesday with 8000 votes yet to be counted, that result will not be known till 18 August.

However, President Trump took credit for the Republican candidate’s performance, calling it “a great victory,” even though the contest may be headed to a mandatory recount.

President Trump campaigned for Republican Troy Balderson last week congratulated him via Twitter

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