Savvy Investors Tune Out Media ‘Noise’

Savvy Investors Tune Out Media ‘Noise’

Savvy Investors Tune Out Media ‘Noise’

Savvy investors should pay attention to the news but must remain independent and base strategy on their own conclusions to data they obtain and study meaning do their own work.

“Media bias is so important to investors because it can really hurt the bottom line not just for one company but genuinely drag down the whole market because the media are in a national tantrum about Trump winning,” said media expert Dan Gainor.

“We were tracking media coverage of Trump on the evening news shows since he took office. It’s 89% negative,” said Mr. Gainor,  the VP of Business & Culture for the Media Research Center.

“Out of 1,900 minutes of coverage of Trump only 18 minutes devoted to jobs. Only 10 minutes devoted to trade. So you can’t just rely on the evening news for these things,” he said.

He said the “big issues of the day that really can move not just one stock but the stock market” are President Donald Trump’s quest to repeal Barack Obamacare and reform the nation’s tax code.

“A lot of what Trump wants to do with taxes is frankly in my opinion already baked into the market,” Gainor said. “It’s part of the reason why the market’s been doing so well. But if it doesn’t happen, if Democrats on the Hill, if the media who oppose tax cuts if they’re able to stop it, well if it’s already baked in, then there’s only one direction the market would go from that,” he said.

“That’s where media bias can truly have a sweeping impact and you got to demand that they cover both sides to this.”

Stay tuned…but tune out the Noise.


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