Santa Anita Ship & Stay

Santa Anita Ship & Stay

Santa Anita’s successful “Ship & Stay” program, which was initiated this past Dec. 26, will once again be in place for the beginning of the track’s 22-day Autumn Meet, which opens on Friday, Sept. 28.

“Ship & Stay,” which is funded solely by The Stronach Group (TSG), provides ongoing bonuses to individual trainers and owners who bring horses to Santa Anita from out of state. Bonuses are then paid to the connections who originally brought them to California over the course or their first three starts locally. These bonuses are paid to the original connections even if the horse is claimed.

These bonuses pay 20 percent of a horse’s first race winnings and 10 percent (or $1,000, whichever is greater) of second and third race monies.

“We also want to be very clear in communicating that horsemen will be compensated for each horse’s first three starts here at Santa Anita,” said Santa Anita Vice President of Racing, Rick Hammerle. “If a horse is brought here from out of state and it starts once at our Autumn Meet and then runs at another track before returning to run here at our Winter Meet, that horse will still have two more races in which its original connections will be eligible for our ‘Ship and Stay’ bonus.”

The success of the program was underscored earlier this year, when over the course of 102 racing days, from Dec. 26 through June 24, ‘Ship & Stay’ attracted 140 “new” horses, accounting for 362 starts and $318,376 in bonus money.


–All eligible horses must register in the Santa Anita Racing Office.
–Program is available to horses that have started outside of California and have not raced in California over the past 12 months.
“Ship and Stay” provides a 20 percent purse bonus for a horse’s first start at Santa Anita, divided between owner and trainer. (Does not include a Cal-bred bonus).
–A TEN percent bonus, or $1,000, whichever is higher, is provided for each individual horse’s second and third start. These monies are divided between the original owner and trainer that brought the horse to California.

For a complete list of rules and conditions of eligibility for the “Ship & Stay” program at Santa Anita Park, please contact the Santa Anita Racing Office at (626) 574-6352.

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