Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Wanted Hillary Clinton for US President

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Wanted Hillary Clinton for US President

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Wanted Hillary Clinton for US President

It is surprising that in this ongoing political debate more about the differences in energy policy and economic, military and social conditions are not being raised.

During John McCain’s failed  campaign the US was facing the prospect of 5.00 gal gasoline at the pump and that 50% of the nation would not be able to afford heat in the Winter.

And at the time Russia enjoyed bountiful income from its Crude Oil and Nat Gas exports and had a strong political/economic lock on the Eastern European countries.

Communication with Ben Rhodes… Subject: Suggest that the Obama Admin steer clear since Putin strongly favors Hillary Clinton in the coming election. Date: October 24, 2016 [To: “ben Rhodes >” ]

See: “Too Little, Too Late From Obama On Infrastructure Security” by Paul Brewer and

See: “Impact of U.S. Shale Oil Revolution on the Global Oil Market, the Price of Oil & Peak Oil” by Mamdouh G. Salaamed.

DS/ISA: ” We have a lot more to lose than the Russians given the comparative dependence on networked systems.

ISA : Levano computers used by the lawyers that Hillary Clinton engaged to screen her emails were hacked by the Chinese.

The fact is that Vladimir Putin holds both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in low regard.

Contrary to claims emanating from the Obama Administration and from the failed Hillary Clinton campaign, Putin strongly favored Hillary Clinton in the election.

Most important to President Putin is the very favorable political and economic outcomes to Russia that would occur from Hillary Clinton’s expected actions relating to fracking in the US Oil & Gas sector.

Hillary Clinton would have curtailed fracking, either, by direct prohibition or through moratoriums; geographic area limitations and regulations.

Fracking is an important innovation in Oil & Gas extraction. It has helped America make great strides toward becoming energy-sufficient [U.S. Now Has Largest Oil Reserves in the World, Thanks to Fracking July 7, 2016 by Jake Green ]

This would have given President Putin a huge increase in the value of Russia’s petroleum reserves and petroleum exports. It would restore Russia’s previous political and economic lock on East Europe’s energy supplies. It would also have given Iran greatly increased petroleum income to finance its extensive terror and penetration operations throughout the world.

A 2nd reason is President Putin’s belief, based on his years of keen observation of Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry that a Hillary Clinton Administration would continue the parameters and trend lines established by Barack Hussein Obama.

As follows:

  1. Bill Clinton: announcing complete success of his negotiations with North Korea… North Korea will abandon their quest for nuclear weapons and completely demolish their nuclear development infrastructure. “Resolution of the North Korean nuclear threat” [William J, Clinton….]
  2. . Barack Hussein Obama,  Hillary Clinton, John Kerry
  3. The Obama Administration has pulled back in every confrontation with President Putin’s Russia, this US pattern has resolved to remain the 1st mover, not expecting much American pushback except in rhetoric.
  4. Mr. Obama’s rebuke to Mitt Romney during debate (Obama to Romney: ”……you know, the Cold War’s been over for 20 years,”)
  5. Mr. Obama’s open microphone:Tell Vladimir “that after my election I have more flexibility
  6. Hillary Clinton’s “re-set button” ;
  7. Acceptance of President Putin’s aggressive intervention in Ukraine
  8. Iranian nuclear deal which permits Russia to sell advanced weaponry to Iran and receive hard currency (USDs) furnished by the United States. Strategy of bringing Russia into the Middle East as a major player, as discussed in Obama’s Syria Policy Striptease Tony Badran The Tablet September 21, 2016.
  9. Mr. Obama’s White House has cut the military “out of the loop”in key international and military decisions [testimony of Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and the Joint Chiefs of Staff…]

All of the above being true facts, the Democrats and Obama Admin’s attempt discredit Donald Trump’s Presidency ahead of his Inauguration on January 20th, 2017, should be looked at with a “jaundiced eye” and taken with a “grain of salt” in the short term and investigated by Congress and the FBI for treason in the long term.

Trumpeting for Trump


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