Russian Collusion Investigation a “Multimillion-Dollar”Hoax

Russian Collusion Investigation a “Multimillion-Dollar”Hoax

Russian Collusion Investigation a “Multimillion-Dollar”Hoax

US taxpayers are being bilked out of millions is Russian collusion investigation on President Trump

Friday, former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AK) says taxpayers are on the hook for a wildly expensive investigation into The Trump Campaign’s alleged collusion in Russia, and that a year into the probe, there’s no question the charges are a “hoax.”

“This week marks the 1-year anniversary of the Buzzfeed website starting this whole to-do by publishing the Clinton campaign/DNC (pardon the redundancy) oppo research slime file known as the Russian dossier,” the former Arkansas governor and 2-time GOP presidential candidate wrote Friday on

“It was a collection of unverified anti-Trump rumors that no legitimate news outlet would touch with a 20-foot pole … One year and nearly $10-M later, we’ve yet to find any evidence of collusion … I’d say “hoax” is looking to be a pretty accurate term.

“I suppose if you wanted to be kind and give The Trump Haters the benefit of the doubt, you could say they might not deliberately be trying to hoax us. Maybe the poor souls just can’t help believing in things for which nobody can find a scrap of evidence because they’re moronic and demented.”


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