Russia Investigation a ‘Witch Hunt’

Russia Investigation a ‘Witch Hunt’

Russia Investigation a ‘Witch Hunt’

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions should have been more supportive of President Trump, and the entire investigation into Russia’s interference in the Y 2016 election has become a “Witch Hunt.”

“In the usual duties of being in the Senate, he should have stayed in the fray and been more supportive of the president,” Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said in a TV interview Thursday.

“My other objection with Senator Sessions is that he also now is going after people’s property through what we call asset forfeiture. This has been big to minorities and poor people, and I think we shouldn’t take people’s property without conviction.”

In an interview with the NY-T’s President Trump said that he would not have nominated Jeff B. Sessions if he knew he would have recuse himself from overseeing investigation into Russia’s activities during the Y 2016 election.

USAG Sessions responded by saying, “… We love this job…and consider it an honor to serve…”

President Trump also criticized former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who is heading the investigation into Russian activities during the Y 2016 election, warning he would consider it a Red Line if Mr. Mueller’s probe into his business activities goes into areas not associated with Russia.

Senator Paul said he agrees with President Trump that the investigation has become a “Witch Hunt,” and said he believes it has become a “Partisan Thing.”

“The Democrats lost the election, so they’re going to investigate Trump for as long as he’s in office,” said Senator Paul. “Now, to be fair, I think Republicans have done the same to Democrats. So I think this is a partisan witch hunt . . .

“It’s a bunch of random events that we are now putting, or someone is putting their own impression on to say it’s a big conspiracy.

“In reality, a lot of people meet with Russian ambassadors, foreign ministers around Washington. And I think what we’ve done is concocted a story line here that really is a Witch Hunt.”

Mr. President, Drain the Swamp!

Stay tuned…

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