Russia-Gate ‘America’s # 1 Security Threat’

Russia-Gate ‘America’s # 1 Security Threat’

Russia-Gate ‘America’s # 1 Security Threat’

Rebuking talk of treason and impeachment as an “all-out war against our nuclear security,” Princeton Russian Prof. Stephen Cohen calls “this Russia-gate, get-Trump stuff America’s # 1 security threat.”

“We are calling the American president treasonous for trying to avoid war with Russia,” Prof. Cohen said “That means that all of us who are urging better relations with Russia are committing criminal acts.

“. . . The people who are doing this would prefer to impeach Trump over avoiding war with Russia. And they have become our #1 national security threat, they themselves, these Russia-gate people.”

Meeting with Vladimir Putin is not treasonous; “it was his duty as the American president” and his actions were “normal, traditional, in the context of summits,” Cohen said, ridiculing President Trump’s critics to host John Catsimatidis.

“Look, I did not vote for Trump, lots of what he does, I don’t like, but he’s 100% right, it’s necessary to cooperate with Russia,” he added. “It’s existential.”

“For context, the situation is extremely dangerous with Russia, and any American president who didn’t have a summit meeting with the Kremlin leader would not be fulfilling his duty. But they are preventing Trump from protecting us from the worst possible outcome.

“It’s an all-out war, they think against Trump because they loathe him, all right, all right, but it is a war against our nuclear security.”

Prof. Cohen hammered the mainstream media for pushing the “Russia-gate narrative” before, during, and after the summit, leaving him in a no-win situation in the most dire of circumstances for America’s nuclear security.

“He comes home and the mass media, the political-media establishment with few exceptions, I would mention Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) by the way basically indicted him for some treasonous behavior,” Prof. Cohen said. “This is all about this Russia-gate narrative for which there is no evidence whatsoever. So, it’s doubly dangerous.

“We have the worst relationship with Russia that we’ve had in my lifetime. And we have a President doing what he is obliged to do to make us safer being prevented from doing so by the American political situation.”


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