Rumor, a Few of the Sold Out LaFerrari Aperta’s are Now For Sale 

Rumor, a Few of the Sold Out LaFerrari Aperta’s are Now For Sale 

Rumor, a Few of the Sold Out LaFerrari Aperta’s are Now For Sale


A Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) LD (limited edition) collectible, a Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is up for sale at $7.3-M.

The Ferrari LaFerrari has a worldwide fan base ever since its debut in Y 2013. After the production run finished, the LaFerrari Aperta (an open car) was introduced to carry on the legacy, and widening the fan circle.

It is an Italian Mystery as to how a Ferrari Corso Clienti  gets on the LD list, money is not the only criteria, it is said that one must own at least 5 important Black Stallions, and that there is a waiting list, further that a buyer of these coveted LD cars must sign a contract with the factory not to resell the car for at least 1 year, flipping not allowed.

With a limited edition run of 200 units priced at 2.1-M, with all of them being sold, the Aperta was big win for the Maranello outfit’s bottom line.

Now it is said that GTR Motors, a Dubai-based luxury car dealer is now offering an Aperta at $7.3-M. The firm has not given out any official images of the car yet or its s/n, they claim it to be Red with Black interior and the optional carbon fiber top.

The Big Q: Why the high price?

The Big A: Because it has not been driven, said not to even have delivery miles, though we all know that the car was tested on the factory track.

Ferrari had plans to build on 200 of these open-top supercars and all of them were sold before it debut last year. Makes Me wondering why this example is being offered still in it wrapper.

There are unconfirmed rumors of 2 or 3 other examples or on official dealer offer, 1 in the UK and another in Germany

The LaFerrari Aperta runs a 950 hp (789 hp V12 and 161 hp electric motor), the same gasoline engine-motor setup powering its Coupe brother. The power-plant is capable of pushing the car to 62 mph (100kmph) from a standstill in under 3 secs and to 124 mph (200kmph) in 7.1 secs. The top speed is limited to 350 kmph.

It’s not new to see HyperSupercars popping up in Dubai with very high prices. A month ago, 2 Ferrari FXX K had surfaced in the friendly city with price tags of $4.2-M and $4.7-M respectively.

The Aperta is the most expensive  Sun on your Face, Wind in your Hair car experience in the world.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 87.58 12 June 2017 -1.87 89.02 89.09 87.47 775,163
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Bullish (0.45) Bullish (0.25) Bullish (0.38) Very Bullish (0.71)

Stay tuned…

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