Rudy Giuliani, Investigate Mueller’s ‘almost illegal and unethical probe’

Rudy Giuliani, Investigate Mueller’s ‘almost illegal and unethical probe’

Rudy Giuliani, Investigate Mueller’s ‘almost illegal and unethical probe’

Sunday, President Trump’s lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that he believes that the ongoing probe into Russian interference with the 2016 US elections and potential links between Donald Trump’s campaign and Moscow should itself be investigated.

Mr. Giuliani, who joined President Trump’s legal team in April, said in a TV interview that former FBI Director Robert Mueller did not necessarily do anything wrong but that the probe he leads has become unethical and possibly illegal, thus calling for an investigation into its origins.

“I believe that the Mueller investigation should be investigated, not because necessarily of Mueller, but because of its genesis in this very, very now completely almost illegal and unethical probe, this Russian probe, that began with Peter Strzok in charge. And he didn’t leave it until July of last year,” Mr. Giuliani said.

When asked to clarify his statement the interviewer was met with laughter from the Republican New Yorker.

“It’s not so unorthodox. I mean, it’s happened,” Mr. Giuliani replied. “No, I’m saying the Justice Department should do it. And I’m not really saying the special counsel. I’m saying what led up to the special counsel. I don’t think Mueller and his people need to be investigated — unless something comes out of that.”

The Big Q: What should be investigated?

The Big A: According to the information available there was a series of odd, unethical and illegal actions as the Justice Department shifted its focus from Clinton’s emails to Russian interference.

Mr. Giuliani cited IG Michael Horowitz’s report, that the people handling the Hillary Clinton investigation had done “almost everything” incorrectly and are now focused on the Russia probe.

Mr. Giuliani said that the Russia probe was based on documents that former FBI Director James Comey had “illegally leaked.”

Mr. Giuliani supports the idea of having IG Horowitz investigate the origins of the Russia probe to determine whether it is trustworthy.

“I just said a bunch of illegal things,” Mr. Giuliani said. “That usually leads a court to say, ‘The thing is tainted.’ They may come out with a lot of problems if they don’t get this resolved right now.”


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