Romney’s Loyalty to Donald Trump in Question

Romney’s Loyalty to Donald Trump in Question

Romney’s Loyalty to Donald Trump in Question

On 27 November Kellyanne Conway questioned Mitt Romney’s loyalty to Donald Trump, and questioned his judgment because of his attacks on President Elect Trump. She said that Mr. Romney lost states in Y 2012 that Donald Trump won, and questioned what has Mr. Romney done since Y 2012 to warrant an important position such as Secretary of State.

Ms. Conway stuck the knife in Mitt Romney with a wide smile on her face twisted it.

CNN reported:“…Kellyanne Conway says President-elect Donald Trump’s base of supporters are concerned about Mitt Romney being considered for secretary of state. She says she will ultimately respect Trump’s decision..”

Ms. Conway took down Mr. Romney cannot see Donald Trump appointing Mitt Romney as Secretary of State.

Recall he did not just criticize Doanld Trump’s polices, he viciously attacked him personally. There is not much difference in the personal attacks between Mr. Romney’s personal attacks and Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama’s personal attack against President Elect Trump during the campaign.

Ms. Conway is a close adviser to Donald Trump.

She ran a brilliant campaign, and it looks like she was sent out to take Mitt Romney down a few pegs. This public humiliation of Mr. Romney is payback, it was not done without Donald Trump’s blessling.

There is nothing special about Mitt Romney’s background and qualifications that warrants his appointment instead of Rudy Giuliani as Secretary of State.

Sure, Mitt Romney is smart, but Rudy is smarter, and Rudy fought hard for Donald Trump’s election from day one and did not waver.

Rudy also has intestinal fortitude aka Guts.

On 23 October 1995 Rudy ejected Yasir Arafat from the Lincoln Center event commemorating the 50th anni of the UN.

Rudy also refused in Y 2001 a $10-M contribution from the Saudis for disaster relief because the Saudi prince blamed US policies for the 9/11 attack.

Rudy stood tall acted following 9/11, the world praised him.

Mitt lacks the toughness and courage of Rudy.

Remember, Mitt Romney did not stand up to Candy Crowley during the debate, and did not respond to low blows from Senator Harry Reid (D-NV).

Nobody worked harder for Trump’s election than Rudy, especially during the weekend after the Billy Bush tape when just about everyone, including Mike Pence, went silent and dark.

In short, there is no good reason to appoint Mitt Romney to the most prestigious and important cabinet office. Rudy super qualified, courageous, and loyal. He deserves to be appointed Secretary of State and will be appointed I beleive.

The message from Ms. Conway Sunday was “give Romney a job, nothing important.”

Trumpeting for Trump

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