Rome Escalator Malfunction – Time To Take The Stairs!

Rome Escalator Malfunction – Time To Take The Stairs!

Football fans at Rome’s metro station were injured and left traumatized when a heavy packed escalator malfunctioned, sped up and blades crumpled together at the end.

Rome Escalator Incident – YouTube

This video shows the escalator sped up, piling people at the bottom and eventually stopping as a few fans were trapped between the blades.

Approximately 20+ fans were injured and treated at the scene – a few more serious injuries were treated in hospitals.

Investigations to find the cause of the incident began immediately. One witness believes it may have been caused by excited fans jumping and cheering on the escalator. While that is the only known cause at the moment, authorities are still looking into what has happened and safety checks will be administered on escalators across Rome.

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