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Rolls-Royce Introduces Limited Edition Silver Bullet Roadster


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Rolls-Royce has transformed the Dawn, the only drophead in its range, into a 2-seater roadster named Silver Bullet. It is a limited-edition model that is part of the company’s client-commissioned Collection Cars line.

The Silver Bullet is “a contemporary interpretation of the classic roadster spirit and driving experience,” according to the firm. It is based on the Dawn, both models share their front and rear fascias, but it is finished in a specific livery named Brewster Silver, the subtle black trim add a finishing touch to the design.

Bigger modifications are found inside, where designers removed the Dawn’s rear seats and replaced them with a cover the brand calls an Aero Cowling.

It features a finisher made with vapor-blasted titanium, each example will feature an open-pore carbon fiber insert and a quilted transmission tunnel

Power will come from the Dawn’s 6.6-liter V12 engine, which is twin-turbocharged to 563 horsepower and 605 pound-feet of torque in its standard configuration.

The Silver Bullet was designed to be driven, and the brand will organize road trips to encourage owners to drive their Silver Bullet rather than storing them for a couple of years and later selling it at a big-name auction.

Rolls-Royce will build 50 examples of the Silver Bullet. The number earmarked for the American market has not been revealed.

Pricing information remains under wraps, but keep in mind the standard Dawn carries a base price of approximately $350,000 before options.

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