Robert Mueller Should Not Have Been Appointed Special Counsel

Robert Mueller Should Not Have Been Appointed Special Counsel
Robert Mueller Should Not Have Been Appointed Special Counsel
Despite Republicans protesting US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ declination to appoint a 2nd special counsel, renowned law expert Professor Alan Dershowitz said AG Sessions is “going about it the right way,” and it should have been done this way before FBI special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed, he added.

“It should have been the call when Mueller was appointed,” Professor Dershowitz, law professor emeritus at Harvard University said on TV Sunday morning. “We should have never seen the appointment of a special counsel as the 1st step.”

“Is there evidence of criminal conduct?” Professor Dershowitz asked. “Never confuse political sins with federal crimes. And think this is going about it the right way, calibrated step by step.

“The answer to 1 bad appointment of a special counsel is not a 2nd bad appointment of a special counsel.”

Professor Dershowitz said he is “against the criminalization of political differences,” regardless of which party is going after the other. He also reiterated he had called for a nonpartisan commission to look into all sides of the 2016 election, which he said “has real problems.”

Mr. Huber’s work might well expedite the investigation into potential FISA abuses in the Justice Department and the Top level at the FBI, as the appointment of a special counsel adds lots of time and money to the process.

US AG Sessions is working to restore credibility to the process.


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