Robert Mueller has a Lot to Do Before He Can Investigate President Trump & Russia

Robert Mueller has a Lot to Do Before He Can Investigate President Trump & Russia

Robert Mueller has a Lot to Do Before He Can Investigate President Trump & Russia

There are lots steps attorney Robert Mueller has to take to prepare to get any investigations going into Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign, including but not limited ot submitting a budget and finding place for his team to work.

The 1st requirement will be for Mr. Mueller to submit a budget within 60 days, that must be approved, beginning when Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein 1st appointed him.

The budget will be for the 1st fiscal year Mr. Mueller’s staff is operating, and he can amend it if needed. If the probe goes beyond a year, Mr.Mueller will need to submit additional budgets to keep his financing.

He must find a place from where to conduct his work. He can use space that’s under the FBI or Justice Department, but may also choose to use separate facilities.

Mr. Mueller must select a team for the investigation. He can use Justice Department or FBI employees, but may also choose to use outside investigators and staff, or a combination of people.

He can investigate”any links and/or coordination” concerning Russian meddling in the US Presidential election, and also has the authority to investigate matters arising from the investigation.

 The Trump Administration may find ways to undermine the investigation before it gets underway.

White House officials are reviewing the Code of Federal Regulations, a rule restricting newly hired government lawyers from investigating clients from their prior law firms for 2 years after they are hired. The rule had been initially for 1 year, but in January President Trump signed an executive order to extend that period to 2 years.

WilmerHale, Mr. Mueller’s former law firm, represents both Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Conflicts abound, and waivers would be very sensitive if not very unwelcome. Mr. Mueller’s investigation may have been still born.

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