Robert Mueller, Was He Illegally Appointed?

Robert Mueller, Was He Illegally Appointed?

Robert Mueller, Was He Illegally Appointed?

Robert Mueller’s Russia probe may be a bust because he was illegally appointed

Monday, in a Washington DC federal court, Paul Manafort and Richard Gates pleaded not guilty to all charges in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

And at least 1 legal scholar suggests special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation may not be constitutional.

According to the reasoning, 1 of the Key factors is how the former FBI Director Mueller’s role is structured.

USAG Jeff Sessions recused himself, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said Mr. Mueller does not report to him with day-to-day decisions.

Because of that, Pepperdine University law professor Douglas W. Kmiec says that Mr. Mueller effectively does not have a supervisor, and without a direct supervisor, the US Senate would have to confirm Me. Mueller as an executive appointee. Otherwise, his appointment is unconstitutional.

In an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times penned in July, Professor Kmiec suggested that, with sacked former FBI Director James Comey’s alleged assumption that President Trump is a wrongdoer, and the special counsel process labeling him as such, that “the investigation itself is arguably equivalent to an unconstitutional indictment.”

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