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Robert Mueller III, “Weak and Confused Did Not Run the Russia Probe”

The former special counsel Robert Mueller appearance before Congress Wednesday, begs questions over whether he really wrote the report about the investigation he headed concerning Russian interference in the Y 2016 election and into President Trump, ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Thursday.

Who was in charge?” Speaker Gingrich said on TV. “It was very clear he didn’t know what was in the report. He clearly didn’t have energy and focus to have managed the 2-year investigation. I thought it was a sad moment.”

Mr. Gingrich said back when Mr. Mueller was 1st appointed, he favored him because he thought the former FBI director, based on his background, was a good choice. “However, he turned the probe over ‘to a group of left-wing, anti-Trump Democratic lawyers, and my guess is that they were ones who ran the investigation.”

He added that Mr. Mueller’s “weak and confused” performance will open an internal investigation into who was really making decisions and authored the report, “because it is clearly not Bob Mueller. They used Mueller’s reputation to hide behind while maybe they have their own agenda.”

Meanwhile, Speaker Gingrich said he thinks President Trump is in a good position to be re-elected, as Democrats are taking a series of “very radical positions.”

“If every Democratic candidate raises their hand for some really stupid position, I think they’re setting up one of the biggest choice election in American history,” he said. “It is one that probably by 2-1 American people will reject the Democratic Party.”

Adding that he doubts front-runner former Vice President Joe Biden will get the nomination, let alone beat President Trump.

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