Robert Mueller & Company Treating President Trump Like a ‘Mafia Boss’

Robert Mueller & Company Treating President Trump Like a ‘Mafia Boss’

Robert Mueller & Company Treating President Trump Like a ‘Mafia Boss’

Saturday, retired Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz applauded a federal judge in Virginia for calling the case against President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort a ploy for information for impeachment, and complained that special counsel Robert Mueller and federal investigators are treating the president “like a Mafia boss.”

“I’m thrilled with what he said, because I’ve been saying it now for 25 years and certainly since this Trump thing began,” Professor Dershowitz noted about comments made in court by Judge TS Ellis III, a Ronald Reagan appointee. “He even used my phrase. He said ‘they may not only sing, they may compose evidence.'”

He added that “every criminal defense lawyer, prosecutors” know that such actions are often taken in the ways prosecutors operate, mainly in “Mafia cases and mob cases and terrorist cases.”

“You go after the low-hanging fruit, you find vulnerable people and charge them with a technical crime,” said Professor Dershowitz. “Sometimes you stretch the law to charge them with a crime and then you squeeze them and you tell them they’re going to jail for 20 years, unless they testify against Mr. Big. This time Mr. Big is sitting in the Oval Office.”

Recall that the sacked, disgraced FBI Director James Comey wrote in his recent memoir that President Trump is “like a Mafia boss,” but now “Comey and Mueller are treating Trump as if he were a Mafia boss, trying to find the soldiers, squeeze them, threaten them, and maybe they’ll sing.”

Professor Dershowitz said he’s been called names ranging from liar to conspiracy theorist about his opinion on the topic, and “finally we get a judge who absolutely validates this and blows the whistle on the special counsel.”

Judge Ellis did not rule on the case yet, even though it is enough to raise serious issues.

“It’s not enough to throw out the indictment,” said Professor Dershowitz. “It will depend on what the special prosecutor can produce. It really is a stretch to go back to Y 2005. Talk about conspiracy theories. These guys must have been planning this for the last 18 years and they were going to get money from the bank? It issuch a stretch.”

Professor Dershowitz said he believes Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be recused from the case, as he is the “Key witness” in testifying why President Trump sacked James Comey as FBI director.

Professor Dershowitz said he has the same opinion about former NSA Michael Flynn.

“They created a crime of lying to prosecutors in order to get him to flip,” he said.

Being connected  to President Trump may be “the worst place to be in the world, if Bob Mueller is trying to get somebody, one of his associates, lawyers, friends, because they are coming after you.”

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